Outplacement Services

Have a job to fill?

Sometimes companies need to reduce their headcount for various business operating reasons. These reductions are often referred to as RIFs (Reduction in Workforce), Redundancies and lay-offs.

Whatever they are called, they have an enormous impact on the individual, the individual’s family, their teammates, employees that remain in the company and general morale.

Often, companies that genuinely care about their staff will engage an Outplacement service provider to work with those laid off to help them transition to a new role.

The typical services provided by an Outplacement provider are:

  • CV and LinkedIn update
  • Career coaching
  • Interview coaching
  • How to apply for jobs
  • Cover letters
  • Negotiating package

Why should a company offer Outplacement services?

Many companies believe that they owe their employees more than just money in a severance package. The want to support them to make the process easier for the employee, and to also keep morale high within the remaining workforce. After all, a disgruntled ex-employee can be quite a force for disruption.

Not only does an Outplacement service actively help the employees that have been laid off, it also enhances the company’s brand and image – that it does care about its staff and will do what it can to support them in good times and bad.

How does Outplacement work?

Outplacement comes in many shapes and sizes from group online sessions to self-directed on-line modules or more personal 1- 2 – 1 service either face to face or via phone and video meeting.

Feedback from candidates that have experienced Outplacement services confirms to us that our preferred method – 1-2-1 – the most valued by service users, making them feel genuinely supported.

Our service can include the following:

  • Initial meeting with the service user and discussing what new role they wish to look for
  • Work with the service user to create an up to date and effective CV
  • Work with the service user to create an up-to-date LinkedIn profile
  • Coaching the service user on how to articulate their personal value proposition
  • Coach the service user on how to write cover letters and tailor their CV
  • Support the service user through interview processes
  • Support the service user though package negotiations

How much does Outplacement cost?

This will depend on the level of support you wish to provide to your employees. Our minimum service level consists of the following:

  • Initial meeting to discuss the service users goals, skills and experience
  • Work with the service user to create an upto date and effective CV
  • Work with the service user to understand how to articulate their value proposition
  • Coach the service user to tailor their CV to specific opportunities
  • Coach the service user on interview techniques

This service level equips the user to feel confident in their skills and abilities and in how to present themselves to opportunities and interviews.

We can offer an additional weekly coaching session per user until they have secured employment where will support and coach them to ensure their job search is as effective as possible.

We will be happy to provide pricing based on your specific requirement – please contact us for more information.

Do you find them their next jobs?

Outplacement does not include placing the service user in their next role. Whilst Hayman Executive is a 360 degree Recruitment Services provider, our Outplacement Service offers no guarantee of placement.

Hayman Executive’s Outplacement Service is designed to support laid off employees to secure their next role through empowering them to understand their personal value proposition and how to present their unique skills, experience and abilities to prospective employers.

What are the benefits of Outplacement:

  • It boosts the morale of those being laid off – it shows them that they remain valued
  • It boosts the morale of those that remain – it shows them that the company values employees
  • It can enhance the company’s reputation and brand – key for when hiring again
  • It is a tax-deductible business cost – but is a much-appreciated service for the user
  • It is a morally good thing to do for staff that have given your business their time
  • It’s a service that can be personalised and tailored to your needs

What are the disadvantages of Outplacement?

  • Very small companies may find the cost of providing the service difficult
  • An impersonal, on-line, modular system self-managed is almost worse than no service

What can Hayman Executive offer regarding Outplacement Services?

At Hayman Executive our core values are kindness to all, treat all with respect and humanity.
We only offer 1 – 2 – 1. Our feedback is that this is the most supportive, effective and valued way of receiving Outplacement services.

If you need to lay staff off and genuinely care about supporting them to secure their next role, please call us on 07802 721 978.